Sycamore Slaughter at Budgeree Bushland Reserve (Note Change of Date)



Budgeree Bushland Reserve, cnr Whitelaws Track and The Mill Road, Yinnar South




Maples can be a lovely garden plant, but in this beautiful fragment of native damp forest the Sycamore Maple is a persistent and invasive weed. Over annual event, formerly known as a "Maple Massacre" has gone a long way towards eradicating them, but there seem to always be more to do.

Mostly you'll be looking for little two leaf seedlings that are easy to pull out by hand.

Get ready with your, water bottle, snacks, long pants, boots, glovesĀ  and hat and enjoy all the little hidden treasures you'll see along with the weeds.

If you can bring hand tools such as loppers, secateurs and trowels that will be helpful. So will tough bags to hold any weeds with seeds. We can supply gloves and safety vests; and all our volunteers are insured through Landcare. For those who don't want to venture down the steep and slippery slopes, there is also ox-eye daisy infesting the grassland at the top of the reserve. If we have enough volunteers, we'll pull this out too.

The event is on a road, so those in charge of children need to be mindful of this. We will finish at 12.30 p.m. and go to Budgeree Hall for lunch and a group meeting.

Note: There are no toilets at the work site at Budgeree Bush Reserve. The closest are at Martin Walker reserve. If you go down Explorers Rd, that reserve is opposite and to the left of the corner of Explorers Road and Gilberts Road.

Our event is here

Budgeree Bushland Reserve, cnr Whitelaws Track and The Mill Road, Yinnar South