Yinnar November 6 Community Market Stall 2022


Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group


We'll be at the Yinnar Community Market with an outdoor stall until about 1.00p.m. on Sunday November 6. We've grown a variety of plants that are suitable for gardens.

Look out for the Landcare trailer, which could be full of all sorts of surprises. We haven't had it in Yinnar for a few years now. Plenty of information available about local flora and fauna.

We'll be selling a variety of plants that we've grown. These ones are suitable for gardens, habitat restoration or pollinator patches. Cost will be $2 per tube or $5 for 3plants.

We also have nifty little green tops to put on (empty) soft drink bottles to water your pot plants or greenhouse with. That one is a fundraiser for our group and they cost $2.

Our event is here

Yinnar-Yinnar South Landcare Group