2021-24 Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program

Program information

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The 2021-24 Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program (VLFP) is funded by the Victorian Government and delivered by DELWP as part of the Victorian Landcare Program.

The VLFP started in 2011-12 and provides funding to a range of organisations to employ part-time Landcare facilitators.

Landcare facilitators support Landcare and environmental volunteering groups and networks to deliver on-ground projects that protect, enhance and restore Victoria's land and natural environment. They do this by providing strategic planning, securing funding, and engaging with local communities.

The program is changing from 1 July 2021 to include strengthened governance arrangements and employment requirements.

These changes are the implementation of actions by DELWP in response to the recommendations of a 2019 independent review of the VLFP.

Program information


It is a requirement that all successful applicants will have a Code of Conduct, Grievance Policy, and Workplace Health and Safety policy in place for the duration of the Landcare facilitator's contract. Existing policies used by an applicant are acceptable.

If your group/network does not have one of the policies in place already, the policy support templates above may be adopted. 

Training - understanding employer requirements

To understand your responsibilities as a potential employer of a Landcare facilitator, you are encouraged to undertake the free training provided by Fair Work Ombudsman.

This training may help determine whether or not you wish to be the employer of a Landcare facilitator or work with a partner organisation to be the employer. 

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For more information email landcare@delwp.vic.gov.au.