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Rabbit Problem? Check out the information on our 2020 campaign!


How the year has flown! It is now time to think about the Maude & District Landcare Group's annual rabbit poisoning campaign. We will conduct this using Pindone-poisoned carrot. Pindone is an anticoagulant, which works by blocking the blood-clotting mechanism. It is regarded as one of the most humane ways to control rabbits. There is an effective antidote for this poison which reduces the risk to non-target animals.

We have a long list of email addresses, and we welcome any other folk who wish to be part of our campaign so please feel free to forward this information on to your neighbours or others in the community who may not be aware of our program. Please talk to your neighbours about the rabbit problem. Several neighbours working together produce a more successful result.

Anyone can take part however, we stress that the program involves coming to Maude on all three of the dates listed below to collect your bait, as the program is designed for the rabbits to have access to the bait over that period. It is a cumulative poison so all three feeds are required.

Bait should be placed in a shallow trail, made using a ripper, grader blade or by hand using a mattock or garden tool. Rabbits are attracted to disturbed ground but may take a night or two to start eating the carrot.

A free feed of un-poisoned carrots beforehand helps to get the rabbits used to going to the trail and helps you see where they are, which means that you don't waste valuable Pindone from your night's poisoning. This is your choice and we do not provide carrots for the free feed.

There is no permit required for this campaign and if there is any suspicion of accidental poisoning of animals, they should be taken to the vet immediately. The Maude and District Landcare Group accepts no responsibility for your rabbit-poisoning campaign. Please take all care, and pick up any dead rabbits you find and any leftover bait and dispose of them thoughtfully. Communicate with your neighbours to let them know if you intend to be part of the campaign so that their family pets can be protected.

The 2020 campaign will be held on Friday, February 28th , Monday, March 2nd and Thursday, March 5th.

Pick up is between 2-4pm at Steigltz Rd. Maude opposite the CFA Station.

Prices for bags: $72 for 20kg, $42 for 10kg, $27 for 5kg

Payment accepted via cash, cheque or EFT. We will provide you with an invoice.

The deadline for orders is the night of Friday 21st of February.

It has been a funny year for rabbits. For many of us, they have been building up, then disappearing. There has certainly been some myxo evident, but there must surely be some RHD, formerly known as Rabbit Calicivirus as well. This disease is harder to identify, as the rabbits are usually found lying dead on the ground with no obvious symptoms. If you have a number of rabbits obvious on your property, now is the time to start thinking about what to do. Get out with a spotlight, or even a strong torch, and have a look around at night.

If you have any questions, please either contact us by email: maudeanddistrictlandcare@gmail.com, or ring Lex Stray, 52819293, or Elaine Johns, 52819395.

Please contact us if you need help!

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