2017 Spring Creek revitalised

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The Quiksilver Foundation and Torquay Landcare Group celebrate a 10 year relationship, with another planting along Spring Creek

It was the last official day of the school holidays, the skies were grey and the wind a little testing, when 62 participants gathered for the annual Quiksilver/TLG/SCS Spring Creek planting. 

This was an important day as we celebrated the 10 year relationship between Quiksilver and Torquay Landcare Group Inc, and, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Quiksilver Foundation.

This year the focus was on the east side of Spring Creek and north of the tennis courts. 

Graeme Stockton had collected the seed and grown the seedlings, Gabrielle O’Shea (SCS) had organised the plants, the mulch and the hole digging (thank you Simon), Melissa from Bunnings was with Terry and Allan preparing morning tea and lunch, and Laura had organised the Quiksilver crew.

Margot welcomed everyone, went through the safety/induction talk and then led everyone to the viewing platform on the west side of the creek on the Bowman Track. Starting here reminds everyone of the work that has been achieved, and the importance of the Spring Creek corridor to the community.

It was then a case of everyone into action. 

With it being school holiday time a number of the Quiksilver staff had bought along family members, so the participants were very diverse. Something always emerges in these circumstances and it was fascinating to note the ingenuity of some of the teenagers who used their bikes to transport buckets of mulch across the planting sites.

Morning tea was celebrated with an anniversary cake, proudly cut by Laura and Margot. Compliments/congratulations all around and then back to work.

12.30pm came and as everyone slowly moved towards the base they gathered up equipment, empty planting pots, stakes and guards.

Lunch at the Torquay Tennis Club rooms actually saw a bit of sun and the wind eased. We were obviously being rewarded for our efforts. 

With full stomachs, many thank you’s the day was over for the participants, but for our environment the next phase continues.

Work along Spring Creek commenced in 2013 and since then close to 10,000 seedlings have been planted.

This year the Quiksilver staff wore tee shirts with ‘Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy’ a reminder to all of us as to the fragility of our land.

Thank you to everyone involved including Bakers delight and Ryans IGA for your support of the event, and the Torquay Tennis Club for the use of your clubrooms.

Now for 2018!

Best wishes from 

Your TLG Committee