2018/19 Recreational Fishing Grants - now open!

The 2018/19 Recreational Fishing Grants Program is now open.

Project proposals between $5,001 and $100,000 qualify for the large grants part of the Program, which has four categories:

• Fisheries sustainability and habitat improvement

• Fishing access and facilities

• Fisheries related education, information and training

• Recreational fisheries research

Previously funded projects include fish cleaning tables, signage, stiles over fences to improve access, fishing platforms and jetties, and re-snagging to improve fish habitat in rivers and lakes.  

Who can apply: the Program is open to fishing clubs, community groups, incorporated bodies, and government and statutory bodies.  

Applications close:  

• Large grants (for projects from $5,001 to $100,000) - close 28 February 2019

• Small grants of up to $5,000 - available year-round.

For more information and to apply online: visit vfa.vic.gov.au/fishinggrants or email rec.fishinggrants@vfa.vic.gov.au