Revegetation at Riley Street, East Bendigo



Riley Street, East Bendigo



Vyonne Maree McLelland-Howe

We are very excited to be finally holding our first planting day for 2022 in Autumn. Join us and be a part of a much larger initiative to plant thousands of trees across Bendigo to outlying regions. It has begun.

Friends of Riley Street Natural Reserve began in 2019 when one of our Committee members was out walking on 16 hectares of fragmented bushland off Riley Street in East Bendigo.

Thousands of trees had already been planted after the devastating bushfires of 2019, that hit Riley Street as well. City of Greater Bendigo rangers had planted these trees but after much searching our member discovered that the rangers were seeking the help of the community to revegetate and maintain this land for future generations.

This is now part of a much bigger project to create native plant corridors through Bendigo to the regions with the hope of cooling the area down as the planet gets hotter. We want to create a safe haven for our unique wildlife to stay a while or pass through and survive.

Our event is here

Riley Street, East Bendigo