Memories of Muckleford

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A new project idea to collect and exhibit material on our Landcare region

The Muckleford district is a fairly extensive area with a complex mix of farming, residential and remnant bush of sometimes high quality. It has a long and fascinating history, much of it not particularly obvious in the landscape itself. 


As residents of the area we are often not aware of what is happening beyond our own immediate neighbourhood and we don’t often realize how the ground we now call our own has a rich history. 


The committee has begun to discuss mounting an exhibition next year of contemporary and historical images of the Muckleford district. It would be conceived as a community awareness and community-building event.  


The concept and venue for the exhibition are still to be decided and we are interested to know of anyone who would like to contribute ideas and/or potential material for the event. You may be keen to document day-to-day activities in the area, contribute images of the contemporary landscape or you may have historic photos, documents or maps which you would be willing to lend to us. 


We intend applying for an educational grant to ensure that the exhibition is curated and displayed professionally. 


If you are interested in helping us please contact David Griffiths or Paul Hampton.