FotG Minutes of 2016 AGM

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Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Grange to be held at Clarinda Community Centre, 58 Viney St Clarinda on Wednesday 6th July 2016 at 7:30pm.


On entry please sign attendance sheet.


Payment of subscription fees accepted

Present…. Thelma Spice, Gloria Fleming, Christine Stone, Barry Stone, Penny McGuire-White, Theresa Battaglia, Lee James, Louise Dorr, Skye Boyd-Gerny, Norm Seaton, Marj Seaton, Mick Connolly, Robert Bender.


Apologies…. Claire O’Neil, Mayor Tamsin Bearsley, Rosemary West, Tony Collins.



Meeting commenced at…  7:30 pm


Welcome from  President  Thelma Spice


Minutes of Previous A.G.M

Moved  Penny McGuire-White              Seconded   Chris Stone

  Matters arising from previous minutes of 2015 AGM



Correspondence Nil Reports to be accepted


President’s report on the year 2015/2016  

Acceptance   Moved        Norm Seaton

                     Seconded    Mick Connolly

Treasurer’s report Financial year 2015-2016

Acceptance    Moved         Theresa Battaglia         

                       Seconded    Mick Connolly


Election of Office bearers for 2016/2017

All committee positions will be declared vacant.  Mr. Matt Kovac will take the chair to hold an election for office bearers for the year 2016/2017.

Nomination for President       Thelma Spice

nominated by    Penny McGuire-White

seconded by      Chris Stone                             Elected   Thelma Spice


Nomination for Vice-President   Barry Stone

nominated by   Chris stone

seconded by     Thelma Spice                          Elected   Barry Stone


Nomination for Treasurer    Gloria Fleming

nominated by    Marj Seaton

seconded by      Penny McGuire-White             Elected    Gloria Fleming


Nomination for Committee members  Chris Stone    

 nominated by  Theresa Battaglia    seconded by  Barry Stone  Elected  Chris Stone

Nomination     Mick Connolly

nominated by  Gloria Fleming  seconded by  Chris Stone     Elected  Mick Connolly


Matters arising from previous meeting.



General Business..

Lee James spoke about matters arising from recent Community Support meeting

Changes to groups mail out of newsletters, the group will take on mail outs via email and postage. Training opportunities for members for setting up My Community Life for the group.

Setup of Facebook page for Friends groups

Discussing all Friends groups getting together with natural resources groups once or twice a year for an informal chat.


Talk - followed by light refreshments

Robert Bender our guest speaker gave an excellent presentation on Bats in general then on Microbats in Urban Melbourne.

Followed by supper and a friendly chat.