Grange Newsletter December 2016

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Newsletter, December 2016

No Meeting in December

                                        Next Meeting

                                    is 11th of February 2017,

                      followed by a sausage sizzle and a cuppa

 Working Bee 12/11/2016

 Eight members comprised our friends work group today, including a  new member, Rafael.


Matt and Skye were our rangers, they kept us busy with our usual weeding, this time along the golf links track and into the nearby burn area towards the south west. Whilst weeding we noticed a lot of insect activity in the area, including a butterfly hovering around the nearby grass tree which was in flower with five flower stalks.

On our walk we looked at the damage the fallen tree had caused to the  fence on the tip side  in the Vodafone corner. Matt told us three quotes were being obtained as the damage cost was over $2000. He and Skye also pointed out that a tree beside the track, in the same corner, was slowly subsiding and hanging lower over the track. This subsidence is thought to be happening due to the area being flooded by water runoff from the tip site some months ago. During our walk we saw sun orchids, these were a mauve colour not the usual blue. The Bossiaeas had what looked like insect eggs in bright orange on their leaves. We also saw dillwynia, wild parsnip, milk maids, the leafless stem of the hyacinth orchid, some wedding bush still in flower, numerous  tiger orchids in flower these were also in some locations where they haven’t been in the past.  Matt pointed out hakea seedlings coming up along the edge of the track, this is heartening news as a lot of the mature hakeas have been dying over the last couple of years.

Matt and Skye told us some vandalism was occurring in the Grange with bark being stripped from trees.

Birdlife seen or heard today were ibis, willy wag tails, pardalotes and currawongs. On Friday Matt and Skye had seen a goshawk in the vicinity of the picnic area.

When Matt went back to get the ute he saw a brush tail possum and noticed the nest of a willy wag tail close to where we been weeding.

We ended our morning with our usual sausage sizzle and cup of tea.


Photo courtesy of Skye Boyd – Gerny


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