Kicking off Gippy Intrepid

We wanted to create a Landcare group that appeals to young people, so we started the Gippsland Intrepid Landcare Group.

We love Gippsland and we want to connect young people to their region through environmental projects and epic adventures that actually make a difference. This grew from ideas shared at a retreat run by Intrepid co-founders Megan Rowlett and Naomi Edwards at Wilson's Prom. 25 people came along to that first retreat where we hung out, hiked and did some leadership training. Our first step after this was to host a teleconference where we all threw around a few ideas about what to do and gave people the responsibility of committee positions and social media stuff. Our initial committee was Derek, Jem, Madeline, Isabelle, Harriett, Kelsey T and Kelsey F, Lucy, We decided we would try to run 3-4 events a year and charge $20 to be a member. We decided rather than burden one person we running the events, we would rotate who would organise each event.