My first Intrepid Landcare experience (#2)

Ebony Loveland from Warragul reflects on her first Intrepid Landcare tree-planting day.

I was feeling so nervous prior to the day. I had never done any tree planting before and was going to do it solo. But I wanted to attend for two reasons:

1. The environment is so important to me because it provides natural services for humans and all other species that are essential to our lives and survival

2. I am currently studying Environmental and Conservation Science at University and I’ve been wanting to get involved with volunteer work to increase my skills and knowledge for the future.

Walking down to the group from the carpark, I was surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful green land. I was nervous but pumped! Upon getting there, I immediately felt less nervous. Immediately I was offered a drink or some morning tea. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. and the bonus of morning tea was amazing. I had been so worried that I would spend the day being on my own but as soon as I arrived, people started coming over to me chatting and everyone was so helpful.

After spending a few hours planting trees we headed back for lunch. The food was absolutely amazing. Everyone was catered for, from vegans to vegetarians. Never did I think that we would be dished up a hot meal after planting the trees. It was a great day.

I love the knowledge that I have done something good to help our environment for forthcoming generations/years.  I also learnt that there are other like-minded people out there who want to make a difference as well as enjoying themselves along the way.”