Jeeralang North Plant I.D. and pizza day. Wet forest and wattle flowers.


Jeeralang North Hall, 1005 Jeeralang North Road, Hazelwood North


We will be looking to locate and identify wattles while they are flowering and other plants that may be able to provide seed for our revegetation projects.

There are some wet forest sites close to the hall which we'll explore in the morning with a view to finding areas where there are enough plants of a species to make collecting seed a viable activity.

We aim to collect from large populations to maximise genetic diversity. We don't expect to find ripe seed except possibly on eucalypts, but wattles can be a bit hard for amateur ID once they finish flowering.

Our Landcare Group has two large riparian re-veg sites on the go at the moment. In Billy's Creek (Jeeralang)we are direct seeding in the riparian zone and planting tubestock on the upper slopes.In Middle Creek (Yinnar South) we plan to use a mix of planting methods (tubestock and direct seeding) in another riparian planting.Jeeralang North is quite close to our Billy's Creek block from the air....but not by road.There's a wood fired outdoor pizza oven at the hall which we want to try out, and we plan to stay and have an (outdoor) working bee washing up and disinfecting our greenhouse trays and tubes ready for the new planting season.Plant wonks, cooks and bottle washers all welcome.

We haven't quite decided how we'll run the cook watch this space for more details.

Our event is here

Jeeralang North Hall, 1005 Jeeralang North Road, Hazelwood North