Picnic and meeting


Budgeree Hall, Roy's Road, Budgeree



Jay Duncan
5163 1393

An indoor / outdoor picnic to finish up our Maple Massacre and a group meeting to follow.

We will finish our maple massacre event with a picnic at the old Budgeree School and Hall where we will have kitchen and bathroom facilities.

If it's too wet for the great outdoors in the morningĀ  we will still have a get together at Budgeree Hall.

On our meeting agenda:

  • organising 2018 rabbit control demonstrations and information sessions and [plant] propagation workshops. Planning for K5 rabbit Calici virus release
  • Developing a code of practice for members including child safety guidelines
  • Content guidelines for developing our page on The Face
  • Filling in the Landcare Group Survey

Our event is here

Budgeree Hall, Roy's Road, Budgeree