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Middle Yarra Landcare Network

Our Activities

Our five member groups have a range of activities throughout the year. Tools are provided.

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

22 May 2018 - Omeo Region - Wild Deer Community Information Session

The chance of meeting a wild Sambar, Fallow or Red deer on the roads at night, has increased over recent years.

Benambra Dinner Plain Omeo Landcare Group

High Country Bulk Chemical Program

This event has been held annually since Landcare started in the High Country.

Swifts Creek Ensay Landcare Group

Orders NOW DUE for competitively priced chemical

ORDER FORMS OUT NOW If you're a members of the Swifts Creek Ensay Landcare Group, you can take advantage of...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Bendigo Creek Habitat Restoration

This has been our major on-ground project since 2010 with many project sites along the Bendigo Creek between Howard St...

Northern Bendigo Landcare Group

Living Next To Nature

In 2016, the VNPA undertook the Bendigo Bushland Ambassadors Project and collaborated with groups like ours with the aim of...

Andersons Creek Catchment Area Landcare Group

Vinca removal and replacement with indigenous flora

Andersons Creek has a rich floral diversity along its banks.

Friends of Campbells Creek

Urban waterways park—the green heart of Castlemaine

3 years, $49,000 to further revitalise the urban creekways natural environment.

Southwest Mornington Peninsula Landcare Group

Indian Myna Trapping Project

Indian Mynas are aggressively territorial pest birds that pose a serious threat for native birds and other small animals.

Longlea and District Landcare Group

Campaspe Carp Catch

The Longlea & District Landcare Group partnered with the North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to host the Campaspe Carp...

Longlea and District Landcare Group

Mosquito Creek Prickly Pear Attack 2014

One project driven by landholders along Mosquito Creek is the eradication of Prickly Pear.

Yelta Landcare Group

Yelta Landcare Group Environmental Weed Control

Yelta Landcare Group has an established track record of identifying, mapping, containing and eradicating environmental weed infestations.

Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network

Landcare Facilitator - Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network

In 2011, the Upper Deep Creek Landcare Network was successful in securing Victorian Government funding (until June 2015), through the Victorian...

Swifts Creek Ensay Landcare Group

Poet's Walk Community Project

Over the coming 12 months, a group of local community members will work on reducing invasive plants and animals, removing...

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

Green Army


Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Community Fauna Monitoring Project 2011 -

The Christmas Hills Landcare Group is running a project to enable local people to detect the presence of different native...

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Woody Weed Control 2012 -

This is an ongoing project that continues to seek funding to help landholders manage environmental woody weeds on their properties.

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

Christmas Hills Fox Trapping project 2015

In 2015 the Christmas Hills Landcare Group secured funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme via a 2014-15 PPWCMA...

Friends of the Mitta

Willow Clearing, Mitta Mitta river gorge

The Mitta Mitta is the most popular whitewater river in Australia, with school groups doing multi-day journeys, commercial rafting, and...

Mitta to Murray Landcare Network

M2M Blackberry Action Group

The Mitta to Murray Landcare Network (M2MLN) established the community driven Mitta to Murray Blackberry Action Group (M2MBAG) for Collective...

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