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Resource, 12 Jul 2022,

Tax facts Registered Primary producers LANDCARE & SIMILAR EXPENSES

Developed by the ATO to assist tax Registered Primary Producers with determining what costs of Landcare can be claimed as...

Resource, 12 Jul 2022,

Tax Facts Registered Primary Producers SHELTERBELTS

Any Tax Registered Primary Producer in Australia can claim costs associated with establishing SHELTERBELTS as a tax offset.

Project Update, 25 Oct 2021,

Green Fire-Walls Project By Lakes Entrance Community Landcare

Lakes Entrance Community Landcare have completed a fascinating and useful study into fire protection through revegetation.

Resource, 31 Mar 2020,

Nest Boxes for the Gippsland Region

This handy resource booklet is designed to help with the correct construction,  installation, maintenance and monitoring of nest boxes for...

Resource, 10 Jan 2017,

Climate-ready vegetation

A guide for natural resource managers (version 2)