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Project Update, 8 Jun 2018,

CHLG position on Melbourne Water land sales - map and rationale

CHLG position on Melbourne Water land sales - map, accompanied by explanatory rationale 

Resource, 6 Jun 2018,

LVI Code of Conduct

Each LVI Member Group is required to have a documented code of conduct which covers child safety, bullying, sexual harassment...

Resource, 9 May 2018,

LVI Chair's Annual Report - 1718

As presented to the 2018 Landcare Victoria Inc. AGM by LVI Chair Terry Hubbard.

Project Update, 22 Apr 2018,

CLEA Resources

A large number of stories and tools created by the Community Learning for Environmental Action (CLEA) project are available to support...

Project Update, 13 Apr 2018,

Huntly Nature Playgroup membership form

Being part of NBLG as a Huntly Nature Playgroup member doesn't obligate you to be involved with our other projects...

Project Update, 13 Apr 2018,

Living Next To Nature resource postcard

If you would prefer a free copy of the Living Next to Nature booklet, contact us.

Project Update, 11 Apr 2018,

Whirrakee Wattle interpretive sign

This signage accompanies the Whirrakee Wattle sculpture at the Huntly Memorial Hall

Project Update, 11 Apr 2018,

Native Fauna of the Bendigo Creek brochure

Take this brochure with you as you explore the Bendigo Creek Streamside Reserve or the Bendigo Creek Trail and tick...

Resource, 11 Apr 2018,

Group brochure

Find out about our group - who we are, where we work, what we are passionate about and how to...

Resource, 4 Apr 2018,

LVI Members Survey - Outcomes Report

The Landcare Victoria Inc. members survey closed on Friday 23 February 2018.

Resource, 1 Mar 2018,

LVI Committee of Management & Members Council

These documents describe the roles of both the LVI Committee of Management and the LVI Members Council, and provides information on...

Resource, 20 Feb 2018,

Annual Membership Form

Becoming a paid Landcare Member supports the Swifts Creek Ensay Landcare Group in so many ways. 

Resource, 24 Jan 2018,

Gateway tips - December 2017

Getting the most from the Gateway

Resource, 14 Sep 2017,

Child Safe Standards - First Steps!

All groups need to comply with the Child Safe Standards if they have activities which children (under 18) might attend...

Resource, 9 Aug 2017,

LVI Insurance Summary 2017-18

Resource, 9 Aug 2017,

Rural Roadside conservation

NDLG has always been active on protecting rural roadsides as a great natural asset, but 2015 saw an active campaign begin...

Resource, 12 May 2017,

Child Safe Standards

Information for community groups where children are involved

Project Update, 6 Apr 2017,

Landcare Victoria Inc: Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help our Member Groups understand the merger and how it might affect your group and members, we...

Resource, 28 Mar 2017,

Victorian Landcare Program Review Action Plan

Supporting Landcare into the future

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