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News, 24 Jun 2020,

New CEO Appointed to Landcare Victoria

Landcare Victoria has announced the appointment of Andrew Maclean as its new CEO to guide an exciting period of growth...

News, 5 Jun 2020,

LVI 2020 AGM & Election Outcome

Over 65 delegates, members and guests joined the Landcare Victoria Inc.’s first virtual AGM on 29th May.

Project Update, 29 May 2020,

Have you used the Landcare Employment Referral Service? Is it helpful?

The Landcare Employment Referral Service has been operating for over a year now and we’d like to get your feedback...

News, 8 May 2020,

LVI AGM - 29 May 2020 (rescheduled)

The LVI Committee of Management invites you to attend our 2020 LVI AGM on 29th May 2020 at 11 am...

Project Update, 16 Jan 2020,

Landcare Voices: 19th Interview Available!

What Peter Jennings sees as the effect of changes in the district in regards to landscape and the changing nature...

Project Update, 16 Jan 2020,

Landcare Voices: 18th Interview Available!

Frankie and Graeme MacLennan recall the early days of Landcare history and discuss where Landcare is today and the next...

Project Update, 16 Jan 2020,

Landcare Voices: 17th Interview Available!

Fergus Irving takes us along a most interesting route of how he first got interested in Landcare and his role...

News, 10 Jan 2020,

LVI News: Bushfire Information

Dear landcarers & friends,

News, 28 Nov 2019,

National Landcare Program: Smart Farms Small Grants Round 3 Open: Advice for LVI Groups

The purpose of the Smart Farms Small Grants round is to support land manager practice change that will deliver more...

News, 28 Nov 2019,

LVI Forum in Gippsland - Presentation Slides available

Landcare Victoria Inc and the Steering Committee of the recent LVI Forum in Gippsland would like to thank all Volunteers,...

News, 2 Oct 2019,

Linked Events - LVI Gippsland Forum: People, Produce and Partnership - 23rd & 25th October 2019 - Register now!

Two events linked to the upcoming LVI Gippsland forum are available for registration, attendees are invited to enhance their experience...

Project Update, 3 Sep 2019,

Landcare Voices: 16th Interview Available!

Bob Carraill gives a wonderful account of his growing up on farms in the Adelaide Hills, his formal agricultural studies,...

Project Update, 3 Sep 2019,

Landcare Voices: 14th Interview Available!

Fay and Terry White provide a rich insight into the combination of their own huge respect for the land, their...

Project Update, 3 Sep 2019,

Landcare Voices: 3rd Interview Available!

Pam Robinson OAM talks about early engagement with Landcare, including as a founding member of Warrenbayne Boho Land Protection Group...

Project Update, 3 Sep 2019,

Landcare Voices: 13th Interview Available!

Allan Murray, Indigenous educator, takes us through from his early days as a ‘young fella’ who was born in Mooroopna,...

News, 12 Jun 2019,

Fungi seminar and workshops with Alison Pouliot

Report on the recent Fungi seminar and workshops presented by Alison Pouliot.

News, 18 Apr 2019,

LVI Forum in the Grampians in March

Over 90 people attended the three day Forum in the Grampians.

News, 26 Mar 2019,

Glenelg Hopkins CMA's Journey to Recovery From The 2016 Floods

In 2016, the South West was shaken by the heaviest rainfalls for September since 1921.

Project Update, 6 Feb 2019,

Landcare Voices: 11th Interview Available!

Nan Oates, a scholar and writer takes us on a journey from the 1970's through the various positions she held...

News, 9 Jan 2019,

An Introduction to the Fungi of the Forest and Farm

Fungi, a world of kingdoms, ecosystems, landscapes, underworlds, fear and joy!.

News, 19 Dec 2018,

Soils4Farms 2018/19 Prospectus

The 2018/19 Soil4Farms Prospectus is now available.

News, 20 Nov 2018,

Sustainable Agriculture Project – Opportunities for Landcare Community Workshops

What do I do? How do I do it? Who can I ask? What will it cost? Southern Farming Systems (SFS)...

News, 20 Nov 2018,

Soil Benchmarking Project

Farmers are invited to participate in the Glenelg Hopkins Soil Benchmarking Project.

News, 15 Nov 2018,

Advice for LVI Member Groups re NLP Smart Farms Small Grants - Closing 11 Jan

All Landcare Groups that are operating solely under LVI incorporation will need LVI or another incorporated GST registered entity, such...

Project Update, 7 Nov 2018,

Landcare Voices Video

As seen at the 2018 National Landcare Conference, the Landcare Voices video showcases Landcare in Victoria since 1982.

News, 11 Oct 2018,

RaPPMap Groundcover Monitoring Tool & Fact Sheet

The RaPPMap tool has been developed to help NRM service providers and the Australian government to understand and report on...

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 10th Interview Available!

Sue and John Marriot provide an exciting insight into the early days and success of the Potter Farmland Plan, in...

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 8th Interview Available!

Horrie Poussard, who was involved in the design of the Landcare program at the Department of Conservation, Forestry and Lands,...

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 7th Interview Available!

Landcare stalwart Rob Youl talks about his thirty years in Landcare.

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices: 6th Interview Available!

Bob Edgar, worked first for Soil Conservation Authority and then community liaison for the Department of Conservation, Forestry and Lands.

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Oral History: Second interview available

Peter Davies talks about his experience as FTLA Exec Officer from 1987 to 1990.

Project Update, 9 Oct 2018,

Landcare Voices - first interview available

Susan Campbell and Ed Adamson talk about their involvement in the early stages of Landcare and the Farm Tree movement.

News, 10 Sep 2018,

Tier 1 On-farm Energy Grants now open for applications

Agriculture Victoria has recently rolled out on-farm energy Tier 1 grants as part of the Victorian Government's $30 million Agriculture...

News, 19 Apr 2018,

UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health

New bill will be first step by ministers to protect and restore soil as fears grow over a future soil...

News, 21 Mar 2018,

Have your say on soil

Soil and how soil promotes plant growth is complex.

News, 26 Oct 2017,

Hot off the press....check out the latest Corangamite Landcare News

All the current news and events in the Corangamite Landcare world.

News, 29 May 2017,

Creating a lasting impression

Barr family’s hard work to reinvigorate the area along the waterways on their family farm at Lismore has left a...

News, 29 May 2017,

Strength in numbers

The Woady Yaloak Catchment Group’s current chairman Evan Lewis has witnessed the evolution of Landcare during his 20-year involvement.

News, 29 May 2017,

Landcare offers opportunity and discovery

Bellbrae farmer Murray Johns’ role as the Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network (SCIPN) Landcare facilitator was not a career...

Project Update, 5 May 2017,

Landcare Voices Slideshow Available

Featuring landcarers talking about the beginnings of Landcare and the Farm Tree movement.

News, 2 Mar 2017,


Welcome to the first edition of ‘Farm Talk’, a bi-annual publication of land health and sustainable agriculture activities in the...