Digital Landcare Meetings

Kiewa Catchment Landcare is now using online or digital Landcare committee meetings regularly.

Many community groups find that it is frequently difficult to get enough people to attend regular committee meetings. There are many reasons people cannot attend meetings, including time commitments and members who live outside the area. Groups want to involve younger people, who frequently have young families which prevent or limit their ability to go to meetings at night.

The Kiewa Catchment Landcare Groups in North East Victoria found this an increasing issue, so decided to try digital meetings for some of their regular committee meetings. These have worked so well that they are going to become a regular model for committee meetings.

Thanks to help from the North East CMA, there is now a case study on how these meetings operate, how the committee found them, and a detailed how to guide for others who would like to try this.

See the Resource for the Case Study.