Blackberries – The Thorn in Our Sides

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Community Pest plants and animals

Murray High School students label our president Jim de Hennin a "Local Hero" in their book "Blackberries – The Thorn in Our Sides"

In 2015, Murray High School students participating in the Creative Catchment Kids program through the Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre were involved in researching, learning, writing about and publishing stories on their ‘Local Land Heroes’.

Students identified local individuals, couples, businesses or industries that made a difference in their local community by contributing to the control and management of pest plants and animals and other problem diseases.

The students interviewed these people and used photographs and illustrations to create an 11-page book (+ 1-page cover).  A key focus or the 2015 project was to help students understand, discover and learn about the importance of looking after our agricultural industry and local environment by keeping pests and diseases at bay.

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