Landcare notes: Managing a successful group

Detailed practical tips and advice for achieving group success.

The Landcare Note series covers a range of topics to help form and manage effective groups.

Starting up a Landcare group

If you’re thinking about starting up a Landcare group in your area, there are a few things to consider before...

Committee function: advice for groups

Your Landcare group needs to decide the best way for your committee to work in order to minimise any conflict...

Committee roles: advice for groups

If your group is going to work effectively and achieve what you want to do, you need a good committee...

Meeting types: advice for groups

Understanding the different types of meetings needed for a group to function effectively will help your group achieve all it...

Effective meetings: advice for groups

It’s important your meetings are run with clarity and purpose so the group is able to function effectively, maintains enthusiasm...

Developing an Indigenous Landcare group

Establishing an Indigenous Landcare group is a unique way of engaging the Indigenous community in natural resource management.

Group planning: advice for groups

Good planning can help you be clear on what you want to achieve and how to do it.

Strategic planning: advice for groups

Strategic planning helps you set out what you are trying to achieve and how to get there.

Action planning: advice for groups

Having an action plan means you can organise your activities efficiently and effectively.

Funding options for community groups

This Landcare Note is a guide to finding financial support from a range of local, regional and federal bodies.

Partnerships and collaboration: advice for groups

Landcare groups need to collaborate with people and organisations who can provide information, technical, material and financial support.

Sponsorship: advice for groups

Sponsorship plays an increasingly important role in supporting Landcare projects, providing additional resources so groups can achieve their goals through...

Grants guide for community groups

Grants give your members the resources to undertake projects and activities set out in your group’s plans.

Local fundraising: advice for groups

Local fundraising is vital for community groups, not only because it generates important funds but it also allows you to...

Using a prospectus to gain funding for your group

Using a prospectus is one way your Landcare group may consider approaching a corporate or alternative funder.

Financial management: advice for groups

Good financial management is important to help make sure your group has the funds for what you want to do,...

Keeping financial records: advice for groups

Reliable financial records are an essential tool in keeping tabs on your finances, while providing a useful history that will...

Banking: advice for groups

This Landcare Note outlines the tasks associated with banking and offers information on how you can assess and improve your...

Budgeting: advice for groups

Putting together a budget is important as it sets up the group’s financial plan for the coming year, and predicts...

GST and ABN: advice for groups

Taxation requirements change constantly. It’s important to keep up to date because there may be legal financial requirements you need...

Deductible gift recipient and taxable charity concession information for Landcare groups

It is becoming common for funders to ask for Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Concession Charity status from groups when...

Project management: advice for groups

A well managed project is more likely to get the best results and can adapt to changing circumstances and seasonal events.

Project planning: advice for groups

Landcare groups usually manage a number of projects, both large and small.

Developing a Landcare project

There are several factors you need to consider if you are going to develop and implement a project effectively.

Project site planning and management: advice for groups

Project site planning is what you do to identify everything you need (materials, labour, funds) for the activities you want...

Monitoring and evaluating group activities

Monitoring your Landcare group’s activities and projects provides valuable information to everyone involved in the project about how your work...

Planning and running events

Getting the ‘basics’ right when you’re planning and running an event gives you a better chance of having a successful...

Effective communication in your group

Effective communication is essential to minimise misunderstandings and conflicts and ensure your group works smoothly.

Key principles for effective communication

Effective communication is essential for delivering a clear message to your audience.

Using technology: advice for groups

Your group will be more successful if you use communication technology systems to find information and keep yourselves organised and efficient.

Raising the group profile

This Landcare note should help you get more of your members involved in group activities as well as tell the...

Working with the media: advice for groups

Gaining positive and consistent coverage in the media can have a very positive impact on your Landcare group.

How to market your group successfully

Marketing uses different techniques to attract customers.

Keeping records: advice for groups

You need to keep records for two important groups – you and the people who support your work.

Incorporation for Landcare groups

If you want to trade as an entity in your own right, your group will need to be incorporated.

Insurance for Landcare groups

Insurance has become an essential part of modern life, to protect assets and people.

Risk management: why worry?

All Landcare groups such as yours are involved in activities which involve some risk.

Personal safety: advice for groups

All Landcare groups and networks have a moral and legal obligation to minimise risk or injury to anyone involved in...

Permits and permissions in Victoria

As part of achieving your goals, your group is likely to be confronted with legal responsibilities for which you need...

Effective leadership: advice for groups

If your group is to be effective, its best chance is with a leader who enthuses, guides and directs you all.

Conflict resolution: advice for groups

Conflict within your group, or between other groups and individuals, can waste a lot of time and energy that could...

Succession planning: advice for groups

Leadership is important to the success of your Landcare group.

Beating burn-out: advice for groups

‘Burn-out’ is a problem for many volunteer groups.

Sharing the load - delegation: advice for groups

By delegating properly, group leaders can not only lighten the work burdens on key members but, perhaps more importantly, help...

Recruiting and retaining members: advice for groups

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Landcare groups.

Managing volunteers: advice for groups

Whether members of your group or people who are involved in a one-off project, volunteers and voluntary works are a...

What skills and knowledge does the group have?

In a Landcare group there will be members with a wide range of personal and technical skills which are very...

Celebration and recognition: advice for groups

Landcare group members volunteer a lot of time, knowledge, skills and other resources towards protecting and enhancing their local environment.

Employing staff: advice for groups

Your group will reach an exciting and rewarding stage when you’re in a position to employ staff to do a...

Selecting a method of employment: advice for groups

If you need to employ staff, it’s important to work out what method of employment best suits your needs and resources.

Employing contractors and consultants: advice for groups

Landcare groups may need to use contractors and consultants to provide specialist services and skills that are not available within...

Using labour market programs: advice for groups

The environmental and community benefits of Landcare work mean your group could be eligible sponsors in the Government’s labour market...